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Thank you for entrusting your child to us. We will do everything we can to make our soccer program a positive experience for players and parents alike. We would like to give you a little information about our approach to youth soccer.

First things first: Learning soccer Technique (skill) and Tactics (thought) through playing and experiencing the game is extremely important to us, Kicking the ball in a given direction, running and moving the ball with your feet, stopping the ball without using your hands, shooting at the goal and blocking shots: These are the basic elements of soccer that we aim to teach children by leading them in various exercises and by simply letting them play the game.


However, we consider it just as important that they learn the following skills in our program:

  • Interacting comfortably with teammates and a group of one’s peers,
  • Working together as a team toward a common goal,
  • Dealing with the demands of the game as well as victory and defeat,
  • Respecting opponents, coaches and referees,
  • Accepting and obeying the rules of the game.

In addition, your child can:

  • Develop his own style of handling the ball,
  • Learn decision making through playing the game,
  • Learn how to move in a variety of situations,
  • Improve his coordination (mobility, agility, reaction speed), and
  • Have fun playing the game of soccer and being part of a team.

Of course, we also play matches against other teams! But for us, the point is not to win as many games as possible. We want every child to be physically active and have fun playing the game.
In the interest of all the children, substitutions must be made regardless of how well a player has been playing. And anyway, in our games, every player always plays well!

Your coach will expect your child to be prepared to practice,  Practices times and days are setup by your coach at the start of the season.  We do ask coaches to work with the parents on the team to find a time and location that works best for all.  Also we ask coaches to hold 2-3 practices in late August before the start of the season. 

Please be sure that your child has on cleats (double knotted) and shin guards (worn under socks at all times). Please bring the correct size soccer ball (1st to 6th Grade - size 4, 7th and Up - size 5) and a full water bottle. All items should be labeled with your child’s name and phone number. Long hair should be tied back and no jewelry (including necklaces, earrings, watches or hair clips) should be worn. Please have your child visit the restroom before practice.

PLEASE BE ON TIME to pick your child up from practice. Not only is this a common courtesy, but a safety issue as well. If your child is to go home with someone else, please be sure to personally notify your coach prior to the start of practice. By the same token, sometimes coaches can be delayed. Do not leave your child on the practice field without a coach in attendance.

All players should plan to arrive to the fields at least fifteen minutes before their game begins unless otherwise instructed by your coach. Again, please come ready to play. Your child should wear his/her team jersey, shin guards under socks and cleats!!

Parking is available at Felix Festa Middle School and Laura Plains Elem.  Please drive slowly as the lots get full with hundreds of kids.

If you will miss (or be late to) a practice or a game…
Be sure to notify your coach as far in advance as possible. Soccer is a team sport and while a perfect attendance record may be nearly impossible, please try to be fair to the rest of your child’s team when planning vacations and other events.

Rain outs 
In the event of inclement weather, please check our website on Game days for field status or call our hotline at  (845) 202-1051 
Parents can, and should subscribe to the notices from our RAINOUT program on our website and recieve a text message when fields are closed.

If your child has any allergies (especially to bee stings), asthma, or any other serious health issue be sure to discuss this with your coach. We do not provide coaches with an extensive first aid kit. If your child may need more than a band-aid or ice pack, be sure that your child’s coach has it and knows how to use it.

Youth sports is the time to model correct and appropriate behavior for our children. Always keep in mind that this is a GAME and that these are CHILDREN playing. There will be mistakes made by players, coaches and referees alike. Cheer your child on, but step back from the sideline and please let your coach do the coaching. While most coaches welcome any comments from the parents about how to make the season more productive and fun, please remember that the coaches are all parent volunteers who are working hard to spend time teaching your child. If you should have any concerns about your child’s coach, please contact [email protected]

Our referee staff is trained and certified – but some are new and young teens. Parents are not allowed, at ANY time, to make comments or have other interaction with the referees. Parents who disregard this rule will be asked to leave the fields. If you have questions or concerns about referees and/or game rules, contact John Moran at [email protected]

Above all, please remember that the Intramural Soccer Program is first and foremost about our children having FUN. The goal is for our youth to learn to play soccer, get along with and play as a team, and be competitive and show good sportsmanship while having FUN. We look forward to another great season!

Each Year hundreds of Coaches step up and help volunteer their time to make our program work.  We get all different levels of coaches from veteran experience coaches to coaches who never played the game before.  However what they do have in common is that they want to make a difference in your child’s soccer experience and they volunteer their free time so our kids can have fun and enjoy the game of soccer.   We would like your feedback on you coach.  Please click here for the survey.

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Clarkstown Soccer Club

PO Box 1961. 
New City, New York 10956

Phone: 845-202-1051
Email: [email protected]

Clarkstown Soccer Club

PO Box 1961. 
New City, New York 10956

Phone: 845-202-1051
Email: [email protected]
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